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Indian Country is a restricted (private) mailing list. It's not private because I want to censor anyone, or to shut anyone out. I have been on mailing lists that were unmoderated and public. It was very hard to have serious discussions or to "stay on track" on these lists. This list is private so that people who want to discuss the list content can do so with focus, and without constant interruption.

Here's a description of the mailing list:

Indian Country is a companion list to my Native Religions list. Early in the history of the latter list, I began to see that people needed a list for discussing more general concerns. Indian Country is a little less focused and a little more casual than Native Religions.

As with Native Religions, the following policies also apply to Indian Country. It is not necessary to be American Indian to be a member of this list. Post to the topic. If something is your opinion, say so. There's nothing wrong with having an opinion. However, if you present yourself as an authority, you must be prepared to back up your statements with evidence, a rational argument, or both. If we're humble enough, we might all learn something here.

There are topics which it should be obvious don't belong on this list: new age shamanism, poetry, chat, genealogy, political issues, computer virus warnings, computer chain-mail, ads, and our old friend, spam. Likewise, it's probably not your cup of tea if you believe in "discoverers before Columbus," the lost tribes of Israel, or that aliens dropped the Indians here. In the past few months (early 2000), I've had a rush of people who are clearly either New Age or Pagan. Please understand, you aren't barred from the list if you're one of those. It's just that we're traditional Indians on this list. In case you don't know, traditional Indians usually disagree totally with New Agers and Pagans on most issues. It could be tough on you. I don't see why you'd want to borrow the grief, considering that most Indian lists that I've seen are either New Age or Pagan.

You'll receive a "welcome packet." It's a collection of text documents that tells you how to participate in the list. Please read it. I'd estimate that about 90% of troubles on the list come from people who don't read their welcome packet. However, the 90% usually includes people who don't understand the nature of a restricted mailing list. As I said, restricted lists are private. You are not guaranteed a place on the list, although most people are accepted. Getting on the list doesn't mean you can post whatever you want. If you can't follow the list policies, you'll be removed from the list.

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