Tell me about powwows

Powwows are social events to which anyone (including non-Indians) can come, although smaller community powwows are more exclusive. They charge a reasonable admission. The first event after "grand entry" (where everyone marches in in their traditonal powwow clothing) is the flag song. This is like the national anthem. People stand, take off their hats, and remain silent. The only dance in which anyone can dance at a powwow is an intertribal song. You will recognize it because the m.c. will announce an intertribal song, and say, "Everyone dance." That means everyone. If you are a man, and a woman at a powwow asks you to dance, it is an insult to refuse her. Use care when buying at powwows; not everything sold there is meant to educate about Indian cultures. You have to balance the problem of buying those silly spears with purple feathers vs. supporting an Indian who needs the money. Good luck with your conscience. .

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